Summer Tips and Dog Rescue

PROTECT Your Pup from the Heat: Summer Tips for Dog-Owners Provide plenty of fresh water:  Make sure your puppy always has access to clean, fresh water. Keep multiple water bowls around the house and refill them regularly so your dog always has a way to stay hydrated. Remember to provide a shaded area if your […]

RIP Tony Bennett.

RIP to the most generous and gracious crooner, the legend Tony Bennett. My Pop was born in San Francisco and became a young Air Force military soldier. On leave, he attended a USO dance in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he noticed a beautiful young lady across the room. His favorite song “I Left my Heart in […]

AI & The Entertainment Industry

Fractional Credits– The Entertainment Industry’s Solution to AI Just like the old 8-track tape that has garnished both nostalgia and head scratches, that spool of tape driven by simple mechanics was the coolest thing going in my day. Music was transformed, and while the vinyl turntable still gets all the glory, remembering the constant skips […]

4th of July Puppy Party Tips

4TH OF JULY PARTY PUPPY TIPS: Fourth of July party plans are in full swing……But as the BOOMING celebrations come together, don’t forget the extra noisy hoopla can often be quite HAIR-RAISING for our loyal canine companions. Your adoring companion provides unconditional love, and while he doesn’t ask for much in return, it’s important to […]