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Tommy Habeeb

Tommy Habeeb, also known as the persona “Tommy Grand”, is a television personality, best known for producing and hosting a variety of television and film genres. As the executive producer and host of one of the original reality television shows, “Cheaters”, Tommy altered the landscape of television with the breakthrough of reality television and his innovations in live camera and docuseries styles.

Tommy Grand

Over several decades, accolades in various popular shows such as “STAG”, “Billionaire’s Car Club”, “An Eye For An Eye”, sports specials such as “The Art of Golf Club Fitting”, “SpeedZone”, “Superstars in Sports”, arena and boxing specials such as “The Art of War”, game shows such as “The Luck Show”, “The Big Big Show”, as well as the of hosting of PSA’s, national commercials, international pageants, and creating cutting-edge marketing campaigns, and producing innovative documentaries, Tommy has offered a unique perspective of both the history and future of adventurous styles in film and television.

His ability to combine a vast experience with modern vanguard to bridge Hollywood and corporate America is unique, and his earnestness, authenticity, and fervor are distinctive of his personality, and drive his business practices. The launching of “To The Rescue”, which showcases abandoned dogs finding a forever home, and “The Hemingway Project”, which broaches the tough subject of teen suicide, are Tommy’s latest works in progress.

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