A Test of Love
Not sure you trust your mate-to-be on their big party night? Send STAG along to keep 'em honest!

Out On Bail!
This great new sitcom explores the wacky world of Bailbonds and Bounty Hunters!

October 2008
Tommy Featured in Hollywood Weekly!
Tommy was profiled in Hollywood Weekly Magazine this month, and it's a great article about his career, television shows, and inventions. Click here to check out the full article, and read more about your favorite tv host/producer/inventor!

July 2008
Tommy Returns from Mrs. World 2008!
Tommy is finally back home after his Russian adventure, hosting Mrs. World 2008 with Florence Henderson. Check out some of the pictures he brought back, along with his thoughts on his amazing experience.

June 2008
Tommy Hosting Mrs. World 2008!
Tommy will be hosting the Mrs. World pageant on June 29, 2008 from Kaliningrad, Russia with American's favorite Mrs., Florence Henderson! This 2-hour extravaganza of beauty and brains is undergoing some exciting changes, and Tommy is right in the middle of it all!

September 2008
Tommy Hosting Mrs. America 2008!
And if Mrs. World wasn't enough, Tommy will also be hosting Mrs. America 2008 on September 2, 2008 from Tuscon, Arizona!

November, 2007 - STAG in Syndication!
Tommy welcomes affiliates from Tampa, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Cincinnati, Ohio! He'll be in these cities throughout the next few months to promote STAG: A Test of Love as it premieres in syndication across the country. Call your local cable provider and demand STAG: A Test of Love!

September, 2007 - Tommy in Art of War!
Mixed Martial Arts, or "Ultimate Fighting" is the fastest-growing sport in the world... and Tommy is right in the middle of it! September saw the huge success of Art of War 3: USA vs. BRAZIL at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas... which was followed by the all-out, crowd-pleasing action of Art of War 4: Mississippi Mayhem! in Tunica, Mississippi. More big shows are coming to YOUR area, so look for the NEW king of mixed martial arts... Art of War!

December, 2006 - Tommy on Maury!
Tommy is back on Maury to share more clips from STAG: A Test of Love! Tune in December 19, 2006 to check out all the crazy action. Can't wait? No problem! See Tommy's other appearances on Maury.

November, 2006 - Tommy on Maury!
Check out the latest video clips of Tommy appearing on The Maury Povich Show to discuss his latest reality hit, STAG: A Test of Love! See Tommy in action here!

October, 2006 - Tommy's latest invention, the BabySport™ Water Bottle Nipple Adaptor is now available in 7-11 stores nationwide! Now any water bottle can be a baby bottle... so give your baby fresh, clean bottled water with the BabySport™ Water Bottle Nipple Adaptor!

June, 2006 - New Cheaters Uncensored! Watch Events iNDemand Pay-Per-View for the latest episode of CHEATERS: UNCENSORED! Finally get the REAL scoop on all those cheating couples! See everything that was too HOT and WILD for TV, only on Cheaters Uncensored Pay-Per-View!

May, 2006 - The Luck Show Pilot Taping Tommy hosts this exciting new game show that captures all the fun and excitement of Las Vegas! Lucky contestants will try their hand at 7 classic games of chance... including blackjack, craps, roulette, Texas Hold'em and more! The pilot taping was fantastic, and we are hard at work cutting it together... stay tuned! Click here to learn more!

February, 2006 - Big news... I'm back on CHEATERS! Everything has been worked out, and I will be presenting Cheaters Uncensored on Events iNDemand Pay-per-view. Watch the most outrageous episodes of Cheaters with no blurs or bleeps! See everything they couldn't show you on broadcast TV! Premieres February 2, 2006 on Events iNDemand Pay-per-view.

Also in February, catch me on E! Entertainment Television's newest hit show, 10 Ways. Watch as I help count down the 10 Ways to Sidestep a Scandal on February 8, 2006 at 10PM EST.
Need even more help getting out of trouble? Check out my own list of ways to avoid scandal... they're bound to help!

Tommy on Maury! That's right, I'm making a new appearance on the Maury Show to discuss my latest projects on Thursday, February 9, 2006 in New York City... so come see me! For tickets to the taping, just call the Maury Audience Department at (212)-547-8424 and tell them you want tickets to the taping of my show.

January, 2006 - My latest episode of STAG is airing throughout January and February. Be sure to check out for show times and watch the commercials.  Also, be sure to visit American Television Distribution for updates on other new shows in the works.

January 23, 2005 - I co-hosted with Betty White the 7th annual Friends for Life Pet Telethon for the spcaLA. more details

I'm scheduling events around the country and would love for you to "come say hi", check my CALENDAR to see when I'll be in your area!

I want to thank everyone from all around the world for emailing me with support over my current problems with my partner from Cheaters.

Recent letters

EMAIL from New Zealand:  "I became a fan of yours after watching you on the TV show "Cheaters".

I admire the way you conducted yourself as a gentleman by just the little things like reassuring your clients, opening doors and in gereral caring about getting a result and achieving, when you can get closure for the victims.

I feel the show has deteriorated since you have left, and I understand that it is a legal matter.

The reality tv channel in the UK, where I currently reside have taken the shows with the new host off-air and now constantly re-run your shows.

I wish you well in your future endevours."

I'm from Ireland and always watched the show and was very disappointed to see a new host as are other friends of mine. Hope Tommy is brought back or it will sink.

Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland
My husband and I were devastated to realise that you are no longer the host of Cheaters. Our evening's entertainment has been ruined beyond repair. In fact it's almost as bad as finding out that your loved one has been running around behind your back! All is lost unless there is some way for you to be reinstated. Is there anything we can do to help?


I love to get letters from my fans around the world... so send me an email and tell me what you think!

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